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Proving Your Innocence With Convenient Technology

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If you've been involved in an automobile accident, there are different ways to approach the question of fault. In many situations, there is clear and obvious fault because of where one vehicle hit another vehicle, or because of skid marks on the road. Other times, it's up to witnesses or just the argument of the involved parties and a hopefully thorough investigation. Don't leave your innocence to chance! Consider a few of these tech-based evidence gathering techniques to protect your side of the argument.

Tracking Down Witnesses In High Traffic Areas

Was your accident on a busy highway or interstate? Did it happen in a place where tourists, travelers, and out-of-towners are the normal? The people who were around for your accident may not be in the area, but with the internet, getting that information is a lot easier than in past decades.

You need to organize your information and make a statement that reaches people with the facts first. This means going to social media, TV stations, and radio shows to put out a bulletin for the situation in hopes for information.

For social media, this is as simple as including a picture of the accident and your details. Post a picture of not only the accident, but the surrounding scenery that may be familiar for locals and travelers alike. With the ease of social media and the internet in general, it's easier for people to simply post their evidence or contact you without requiring a physical meet up.

Once you have the evidence, make sure that the witnesses keep their original version. No one should be editing anything, not even a second away from scenes where "nothing is going on" or adding artistic flair. Keep the raw video the same, then make copies to edit. Only edit the copies if you must, no exceptions.

Dash Cams And Building Surveillance

Many people luck out by having accidents that are within view of factories, hospitals, malls, or places of business with cameras that point towards the road. These cameras are helpful beyond recognizing perpetrators, as they can show which way a perpetrator went after leaving the property.

For you, this could mean having proof that a car not only hit their breaks too soon, but may have backed into you as part of an insurance fraud scheme. If there were no witnesses on the scene, the other party could lie about you speeding or pulling out too soon when you were really obeying traffic laws.

Start checking the businesses around the area for information, as they can fairly easily give you a copy of the evidence. Just in case, you may want to travel with a USB drive, a few writable/burnable CDs and DVDs (CD-R and DVD-R technology), and an easy place to email or upload evidence at the business' leisure.

Dash cams have an easier time when it comes to recording information. You should do your own recording while gathering evidence, just to show that you found a potential point of contact in case the evidence is withheld or stolen. Notify a lawyer and law enforcement to make sure that responsible legal parties also have an eye on the evidence.

Contact an automobile accident injury attorney to discuss other parts of getting evidence when the investigation may not have all of the facts quite yet.