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What To Do Following A Pedestrian Accident

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A vehicle colliding with a person on foot is one of the scariest types of accidents imaginable. If you or someone you care about has been the victim of such an incident, you're probably wondering how to pay for things like medical costs, utility bills, missed work time, and everyday expenses. You do have the right to seek compensation, and you may want to consult with a pedestrian accident attorney. It can be helpful, though, to learn what the claim process is likely to entail.

First, Get Medical Attention

While your initial impulse may be to try to take pictures of the scene or to find out who the driver was, your absolute first priority should be stabilizing your medical condition. Even if you think you're completely okay, it's wise to have a doctor examine you following an accident. Many problems, especially in the brain, neck, and spine, may not be readily apparent after an incident. Also, a medical report from close to the time of the accident will be one of the more valuable pieces of documentation when you start pursuing a claim.

Preserve the Memory of the Scene

Although the police will most likely be called to the scene, you shouldn't solely depend on them to make a record of what it looked like. If you're not feeling well enough to go take pictures of the scene, ask a friend or a family member to do so. Try to do so as soon as possible because people usually clean accident sites up pretty fast, especially if they're in high-traffic and very public areas.

A pedestrian accident lawyer will also be able to seek any camera footage from the area as part of the legal discovery process. They can even acquire things like cell phone logs from the driver.

Take Your Time Filing a Claim

One of the biggest mistakes someone can make while filing a claim is to attack the problem too quickly. It's rare that the full scope of injuries will be known in the first few weeks following an accident. Even if you're feeling fairly comfortable with your recovery and an insurance adjuster is ready to offer what seems like a pretty good settlement, it's best to let things play out a bit to see exactly how bad your injuries might be. A pedestrian accident lawyer can help you decide whether it's time to file a claim.

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