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Asbestos Injuries: 5 Issues That Make It Harder To Claim Worker's Compensation

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During parts of the twentieth century, the American construction industry used asbestos extensively throughout commercial and residential properties. Since then, researchers have shown that asbestos exposure can cause life-threatening illnesses and disabilities, leading to a deluge of claims for workers’ compensation. Thousands of Americans fall prey to asbestos-related injuries every year, but it’s often difficult to successfully file a workers’ compensation claim. Learn more about some of the issues that make it hard to win these complex cases. Read More»

Can Plaintiffs Appeal Jury Awards?

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After weeks of testimony and deliberations, the judge or jury finally renders a verdict in your personal injury case. Unfortunately, the monetary award was significantly less than you thought it would be or doesn’t cover all your losses. For the most part, the prudent thing to do is to accept the award, because it could cost more time and money to attempt to rectify the issue. If you want to pursue a second chance at getting a better payout, there are a couple of ways you can do it. Read More»