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3 Times Your Car Accident Injuries Are More Serious Than They Seem

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After a car accident, everything might look okay, since you did not sustain serious injuries. However, it is important to understand that your car accident injuries tend to be hidden, and they can be more serious than they appear to be. Most car accident injuries are usually different from what the victims expected them to be. This shows the importance of taking any car accident injuries seriously, and not assuming that everything is OK, even when it appears to look so. Read More»

3 Faqs Regarding Wrongful Death Settlements

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When a loved one dies, it’s a tragedy for everyone involved, but when the death was a terrible accident caused by someone else — a product, a company, etc. — it can seem even more cruel. As you and your family struggle to cope with the loss of your loved one, you shouldn’t have to stress over financial matters. This is why wrongful death settlements exist, but before you start seeking a fair settlement, check out these three facts you must know. Read More»

These Factors Determine How Fast You Get Your Damages In An Injury Claim

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Every accident victim would love to receive their compensation check as soon as possible, but some cases take longer than others. Here are some of the factors that determine how fast your claim or lawsuit is concluded: Whether the Liability Is Clear-Cut The determination of liability can be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming things in an injury claim. This is even more so if there is no clear evidence that the person you are suing is responsible for your injuries and an investigation is needed. Read More»

Who Is Liable For Your Mold Exposure Claim?

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If you have been sick as a result of mold exposure, you might want to consider claiming your damages from the liable party. Here are some of the potentially liable parties depending on the circumstances of the mold infestation: Previous Homeowner If you have been affected by toxic mold in a house you haven’t owned for a long time, then you may be able to hold the previous owner liable for your injuries. Read More»

Do You Have a Potential Wrongful Death Lawsuit If Your Child Died in a School Bus Accident?

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School buses are on the road year round. This includes during the regular school year as well as transporting kids to summer school and even to and from camp. While school buses have been designed with safety in mind and children are almost guaranteed to get to their destination safely, it is possible that the unthinkable could happen. What should you do if your child or a child you know was killed in a school bus accident? Read More»

Do These 3 Things Only If You Want To Lose Your Auto Accident Case

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If you are ever in an auto accident, you need to be careful of the things you say and do. Any small mistake could wind up ruining your legal case. The one who caused the accident will use your words and actions to deny responsibility. In the end, you could wind up having to pay for vehicle repairs, medical bills and more, all on your own. Quite a few accident victims have wound up in bankruptcy as a result. Read More»

Documents You Need To Prove A Car Accident Claim

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Documentary evidence is one of the best forms of evidence when it comes to a car accident case. That is why you need to preserve every little piece of document connected to your case if you have been injured in a crash. Here are some of the documents that are useful in the pursuit of a car accident case: Car Valuations In a car accident case, you are supposed to be compensated both for your injuries and for damages to your properties. Read More»

Got A Traffic Ticket? 3 Things You Can Do

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If you were recently pulled over and got a traffic ticket, such as a speeding ticket or another form of a moving violation. If you find yourself facing a moving violation, you are going to want to take action to protect your driving record. If the ticket stands, it could add points to your driving record and impact your insurance premium. Take Driving School Classes On some tickets, when you get the ticket, you are given the option to take a driving class to get the ticket dismissed. Read More»

Establishing Inattentive Driving During A Car Accident

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If you were recently in a car accident, you lawyer will ask you a series of questions. You need to answer them truthfully in the event that traffic cameras caught you right before the accident and your answers are disproved. If you are not guilty of being inattentive or under the influence of drugs and alcohol, then your lawyer can look at the person that hit you to see if they were paying attention. Read More»