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Three Actions That Can Jeopardize Your SSDI Claim

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When you are out of work after becoming injured, there are several steps you might be tempted to take to help you ease the financial burden you are placed under. However, some of these steps can increase the odds that you will not be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits or may affect the number of benefits that you receive.  1. Continuing to Work To apply for benefits, you must not be engaged in substantial gainful activity. Read More»

Employers Are Required To Take Precautions To Prevent Accidents

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During a job site accident, there are steps an employer should take to make sure that your injuries do not become more severe. If these precautions aren’t taken, your job site accident attorney may be able to use these facts to further support your claim that your employer was negligent during your job site accident. When Worker’s Compensation Doesn’t Apply In some cases, you may need to sue your employer directly. Read More»