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Tips To Speed Up Your Auto Accident Claim Settlement

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Auto accident claims can take months or years to resolve; in the meantime, you will suffer. Take the following measures to speed up the claim process.

Get Adequate and Prompt Treatment

Property damage is a component of nearly all auto accident claims. However, bodily injury usually forms the biggest chunk of the damages. The best way to prove bodily injury is to produce the medical records that prove the injuries' diagnoses and treatment. You can only get this evidence if you seek immediate medical care and follow your doctor's advice.

Therefore, don't go home and start nursing your injuries after a crash. Go to the emergency room, consult your doctor, consult medical specialists, and follow the advice these medical professionals give you. That way, you can prove your injuries when making your claim.

Furnish All Evidence Upfront

Don't play games with the insurance adjuster once you submit your claim. For example, don't hold back some evidence to unleash it later. You want the adjuster to know you are serious and have a strong case from the beginning.

In addition, you should rely on a single piece of evidence. The more evidence you provide, the more the adjuster will treat your case with the seriousness it deserves. Here are some types of evidence to use:

  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Expert testimony
  • Medical records
  • Property damage and bodily injury pictures
  • Police accident report

Ideally, you want multiple sources of irrefutable evidence showing the same things.

Don't Lie or Embellish the Truth

An honest claim will get you farther than dishonest or exaggerated claims. Insurance companies train their adjusters to look out for fraudulent or exaggerated claims. The adjuster won't take you seriously if they can see your case is not genuine. At the very least, your claim will take a long time as the adjuster investigates it.

Therefore, calculate your damages and make a reasonable demand. For example, you are only jeopardizing your chances of fast claim resolution by demanding a million-dollar settlement for damages that total a hundred thousand dollars.

Engage a Lawyer From the Beginning

Lastly, do not wait until you are stuck in your claim process to consult an auto accident lawyer. Consult a lawyer even before filing your claim to resolve your claim quickly. The lawyer will:

  • Investigate the accident
  • Investigate the defendant
  • Anticipate potential defenses
  • Prepare legal arguments for your claim
  • Ensure every process occurs within a reasonable deadline

Even hiring a lawyer shows your seriousness to the adjuster and forces them to handle your case seriously.

Look at this website for more information, or contact an auto accident attorney near you.