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4 Situations Where You Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you have been harmed due to a person's negligence – whether you contracted physical harm or mental anguish – you might be due to receive damages from the person in question by levying a personal injury case against them. Although these court cases are relatively small, most people do not go into such cases alone. A personal injury lawyer is usually necessary to adequately argue such cases (especially in situations where you're going up against a much larger entity, such as a physician or a hospital for medical malpractice cases). A small number of people decide to argue these cases for themselves, but there are certain times when you absolutely should hire  an attorney for your personal injury case needs.

Minor Injuries May Turn Into Major Ones

If you have been physically harmed in a case, only to receive minor injuries, many people opt to immediately settle for their first offer. However, there have been cases where minor injuries have turned into major ones, despite the fact that they have been given a once over by a licensed physician.

For example, there might be a case where you were in an automobile accident and you had no perceived injuries, even after being examined by a physician or physician's assistant. However, it could be the case that you suffered from internal injuries. An attorney would advise that you hold off on accepting the first settlement, as after the settlement has been accepted, you cannot go back and renegotiate.

"Pain and Suffering" Damages

If your damages are largely emotional or psychological in character, such matters would be taken into consideration if the trial goes to a court. An attorney will be able to negotiate this into your settlement. Most people tend to forget that stress, anxiety and other psychological quirks also possess a monetary value in the world of damages. Damages for emotional harm are usually available when they occur alongside physical harm. An attorney will make sure that such grievances are factored into the monetary value of the settlement that you are offered. 

Serious Injuries

If you have suffered serious injuries at the hand of another due to negligence, there is no question about the matter: seek the services of an attorney. Although there are some minor injury cases where a person might be able to handle the situation without the services of an attorney, there are no cases where a serious injury does not preclude the use of a lawyer. A lawyer will make sure that you receive the full spectrum of damages that you should receive – this includes psychological and physical pain you've endured. In addition, lawyers are great at negotiations; they should be able to get the maximum amount of the defendant in terms of settlement. Hiring a lawyer when you have received series injuries will ensure that you won't have to pay your medical bills on your own, or worry about lost wages if you can't work due to an injury.

Playing Hardball

It might be the case that the defendant – especially if they represent or simply are a larger entity, such as a hospital – might not take your claim seriously if you are without an attorney. If the insurance agency or hospital refuses to offer you a fair amount of compensation, you should hire a personal injury lawyer. If you have an attorney, they will, at the very least, have to take notice of the claim of which you are levying. An attorney is a great "insurance plan" in this sense: if you want to maximize your profits, hire an attorney.

Are attorneys absolutely essential when you file such a case? In a nutshell, yes. They will ensure a litany of things that you would otherwise be unable to negotiate. 

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