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4 Reasons A Place Of Business Is Still Responsible For A Slip And Fall Even If There Was A Warning Sign

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When warning signs are placed inside of a place of business because the floors are wet, many people think that this means the store is no longer responsible if you were to still slip and fall. However, this sometimes is not the case and, in fact, you can still be compensated for your slip and fall injury. Here are four reasons as to why this might happen:

  1. The Warning Sign Was Too Far Away: If the warning sign was placed too far from the wet floors, then you have a case on your hands. After all, you cannot be easily warned if the sign is not visible in the location where the danger is. This typically happens when there is a wet floor sign that is located many feet past the entrance. The entrance of stores generally get wet when it rains from people walking in and out, so the sign should be placed right at the entrance for fair warning, not far from it. 
  2. There's Nothing Being Done Except for Placement of the Sign: Another reason you might have a case on your hands is if the wet floor is due to a spill that is excessive and no one is doing anything about it except for placing a sign. The problem with this is that if the spill is excessive, then one warning sign isn't enough, but instead, the spill should be being cleaned up right away, especially since excessive spills spread and the warning sign may become even more inadequate because of poor visibility. 
  3. The Sign Has Fallen: If the sign has fallen to the ground, then there's another problem of it not being visible until you are looking down directly at it. Most people aren't going to do this. Plus, a wet floor sign that has fallen usually makes it seem as if it's not a serious matter anymore. The sign should always be placed upright and in the field of vision for customers. 
  4. The Sign is in the Way: Finally, there's another problem with the sign being in the way. If the sign is blocking a clear path and you slip and fall because of it, then this is another reason the business could be responsible for your accident. 

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident in which you are unsure whether or not the business could be at fault, it's best to speak with an attorney right away. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.