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Establishing Inattentive Driving During A Car Accident

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If you were recently in a car accident, you lawyer will ask you a series of questions. You need to answer them truthfully in the event that traffic cameras caught you right before the accident and your answers are disproved. If you are not guilty of being inattentive or under the influence of drugs and alcohol, then your lawyer can look at the person that hit you to see if they were paying attention.

Most auto accident law firms now take this approach, since many traffic cameras have been erected. The cameras can show exactly what was happening prior to the accident. Your lawyer will attempt to establish inattentive driving via the other driver by asking the following questions and looking for witnesses so that your case is stronger than the other driver's.

Was the Other Driver on Their Phone?

Did you see the other driver on their phone? Since the advancement of mobile phones far too many people are caught red-handed with phones in their hands while driving. This causes a lot of inattentive driving accidents, and the recent ban on talking or texting while driving. If you saw it, your lawyer can check it against traffic cam footage.

Did the Other Car Appear to Lack a Driver?

Brakes can fail and cars can roll downhill by themselves. (These types of accidents happen a lot in places like San Francisco.) However, "headless" drivers are a frequent cause of accidents too.

This happens when a driver drops something on the floor and decides to go after it while driving. Now all you see is a moving vehicle with a hand on the wheel. The only thing worse is when the driver removes both hands to dive after the dropped item. Then it appears as if no one is driving the vehicle until the crash occurs! Other drivers passing this vehicle can verify if the vehicle appeared to be momentarily unoccupied, which would speak to your defense.

Applying Makeup or Dressing

Both male and female drivers are guilty of changing clothes while driving or sitting at a stop light. Women often apply eye makeup or lipstick while driving. All of these things are classified as inattentive driving, and many have resulted in car accidents and fines. Again, your lawyer would be looking for witnesses and/or checking traffic camera footage to find evidence of this. If no evidence or witnesses can be found, your lawyer may have to take a different approach.

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