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Got A Traffic Ticket? 3 Things You Can Do

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If you were recently pulled over and got a traffic ticket, such as a speeding ticket or another form of a moving violation. If you find yourself facing a moving violation, you are going to want to take action to protect your driving record. If the ticket stands, it could add points to your driving record and impact your insurance premium.

Take Driving School Classes

On some tickets, when you get the ticket, you are given the option to take a driving class to get the ticket dismissed. Your ticket should include information about how to attend driving school.

You generally have to attend and complete driving school by a specific date in order for the ticket to get dropped. You also generally have to pay a specific amount to take the driving school. Often, the cost for driving school is less than the cost of the ticket.

Attend Court

When you get a driving ticket, you have a certain amount of time to let the courts know how you want to handle the ticket. In some jurisdictions, the tickets will tell you when and where to appear in court. In other jurisdictions, you have to notify the court that you want to fight the ticket and are assigned a court date.

You should always go to court when given the option. When you go to court, you usually are given the opportunity to negotiate a lower penalty or a lower fine. It almost always pays to show up in court.

Bring a Lawyer

If you really want to fight the ticket and do everything to ensure that you don't incur points on your driving record, hire a lawyer to represent you. A lawyer will know how the local traffic court system works. They will know exactly what they need to say to say to the judge in order to get your ticket reduces. They will also know how to fight your ticket. A lawyer may also be able to get your ticket dismissed. By looking over the police report that was filed along with your ticket, an experienced traffic law attorney will be able to figure out if the police failed to follow any necessary procedures that could allow your ticket to be dismissed. When your ticket is dismissed, it doesn't go on your driving record, and you don't have to pay the courts a fine.

If you recently were issued a driving violation, contact a traffic ticket attorney to figure out what your best options are for getting the violation dismissed or reduced. You don't want to damage your driving record, which could increase your insurance premiums and even hurt your chances at certain types of employment. Traffic law attorneys can help you navigate your ticket in order to get to the best possible outcome.