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Documents You Need To Prove A Car Accident Claim

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Documentary evidence is one of the best forms of evidence when it comes to a car accident case. That is why you need to preserve every little piece of document connected to your case if you have been injured in a crash. Here are some of the documents that are useful in the pursuit of a car accident case:

Car Valuations

In a car accident case, you are supposed to be compensated both for your injuries and for damages to your properties. If the car is written off, then you need to prove how much it was worth just before the accident so that you can be compensated for it. The valuation of the car will provide you with the needed proof.

Photos of the Accident

Describing an accident to an insurance adjuster, lawyer, judge or jury is not as thorough as showing to them pictures of the accident. This is why you need to take and preserve pictures of your injuries, car damages, and road conditions (among other things) after a crash. Not only that, but taking the pictures also provides you with a way to preserve evidence that may be lost after some time, such as road conditions.

Medical Records

Although you don't exactly produce your medical records, you participate and facilitate their production by seeking medical care as soon as possible after your injury. In a way, this is probably the most compelling evidence you can have for your case. Therefore, don't make a mistake by delaying medical care or relying on home treatments – such things won't generate the much-needed evidence of medical records.

Police Report

The police report isn't a piece of evidence per se because it is classified as hearsay and, thus, is inadmissible in court. However, it will still be useful during the injury negotiations. The police report contains preliminary liability assessment and factual information (such as date and time of the accident), so you can use it to negotiate with the adjuster.

Income Reports

You also need to be compensated for the effect of the accident on your current and future income. The best way to show how much the injury has dented your income or will affect your future income is to present evidence of how much you were earning before the accident. This means you need to avail things like pay stubs, tax reports, and business contracts, among other things.

Preserve all these documents, and any related to your case, until the case is concluded. Your car accident attorney will advise you on further documents you may need.