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Do These 3 Things Only If You Want To Lose Your Auto Accident Case

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If you are ever in an auto accident, you need to be careful of the things you say and do. Any small mistake could wind up ruining your legal case. The one who caused the accident will use your words and actions to deny responsibility. In the end, you could wind up having to pay for vehicle repairs, medical bills and more, all on your own. Quite a few accident victims have wound up in bankruptcy as a result.

To help you avoid this unfortunate fate, the following are some things you never want to do after an auto accident, that is unless you want to lose the case!

1. Apologize

You may be feeling remorseful for what happened. Maybe there was something you could have done to avoid the accident. It could have been a small thing. So, you say, "sorry" to the other driver. Guess what? Their legal team will almost assuredly use this apparent "admission of guilt" against you in litigation. They will take your words out of context to make it seem you were apologizing for being the primary cause of the accident.

Now, nobody is saying you cannot express your true feelings. Just let your auto accident lawyer speak for you. They are better able to choose the right words to convey the proper meaning without making you appear at fault.

2. Ignore Witnesses

At the accident scene, you may be focused on the other driver and any passengers. However, do not forget to gather the contact information of everyone else in proximity. They can serve as witnesses to the events.

Too many personal injury cases get lost because victims cannot bring forth witnesses to counter the false claims of defendants. Once the accused realizes you have no witnesses, they will begin driving a hard bargain. Any possible settlement will be a low ball offer.

3. Wait to See a Physician

The other driver will probably keep asking you if you are fine. They want you to perceive that everything is going well. They hope you make the mistake of waiting to see a medical provider. Then, during settlement conferences, their attorney will claim your injuries are not the result of the accident but something you did in between. After all, they will conclude, with a straight face, you did not see a doctor immediately. No one can verify for certain where the injuries came from, right?

Always contact an auto accident lawyer and visit a physician as soon as possible. Do not give the defense any additional ammunition to use against you.

Fortunately, competent accident attorneys are available to help you get justice. Just contact an experienced practitioner and let them know your case facts. They will be compiling evidence to prove the negligence of the other driver.

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