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3 Times Your Car Accident Injuries Are More Serious Than They Seem

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After a car accident, everything might look okay, since you did not sustain serious injuries. However, it is important to understand that your car accident injuries tend to be hidden, and they can be more serious than they appear to be. Most car accident injuries are usually different from what the victims expected them to be. This shows the importance of taking any car accident injuries seriously, and not assuming that everything is OK, even when it appears to look so. This article will highlight the number of times your car accident injuries might be more serious than they seem, and they will be categorized according to the type of injury. These are important things to note before you call for personal injury attorney services.

Herniated Discs

Everybody knows that back and neck injuries are very common after a car accident. These injuries tend to be more serious at times, and need to be taken seriously. The force the collision can cause your spine to rupture, and lead end up causing herniated disc. This can cause loss of feeling, severe pain, or even loss of mobility and control of your legs and arms.

The symptoms of a herniated disc can happen immediately after the accident, or even start developing weeks or months after the car accident. Such kind of injuries often need surgery, and they can lead to permanent disability.

Brain Injuries

A car accident causes your brain to whip back and forth, and this can seriously impact your brain, especially if your head hits an object inside your vehicle. This kind of brain impact is known as a traumatic brain injury. One thing about these injuries is that they do not manifest immediately after the accident. Yes, you might have felt as if you hit something, but you may think that your head is OK when, in reality, it is not!

The signs of a traumatic brain injury can start to show months later, especially when a person starts to show signs of forgetfulness, personality changes, or when their state changes. Therefore, if anyone suffers a concussion, has been hit unconscious, or starts to experience headaches after an acceded, they should seek medical assistance.

Knee Injuries

During many auto collisions, the driver or passenger may be thrown forward, hitting their knees on the vehicle's dashboard. As a result, they can suffer direct trauma to their knees, and this can cause different injuries, like a shattered kneecap. This trauma can also damage the knee cartilage, which can lead to a torn meniscus. Some of these painful situations may need to be corrected via surgical procedures.

It is also important to understand that the degree of severity of these injuries might not be obvious immediately, and it might take some time for the injuries to start showing up through signs of inflammation.