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Faulty Commodities Claims: Parties That May Be Responsible For Your Injuries

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Every party involved in manufacturing or distributing products should ensure that they are safe for the final user. However, this is not always the case. Some parties involved in the distribution chain do not inspect or pay attention to the commodity's safety. As a result, they become defective and harmful to the consumers. Victims injured by these products can sue the negligent party and seek compensation for their injuries. 

However, finding justice in such a case can be challenging because more than one party may be involved. That is why you'll need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer when faced with this situation. Through legal avenues, they will unearth the faulty party. The liable party can be any of the following: 

The Manufacturer of the Commodity

The manufacturer can take the blame for injuries sustained from using a faulty commodity. Whether they created part or the entire commodity, they can be liable for any errors they caused. If the item went through different manufacturers, you must identify each of them. Remember that some businesses outsource others to complete the production process. If your case involves multiple manufacturers, allow an injury lawyer to handle it.

The Wholesalers That Distributed the Commodity

Typically, wholesalers receive products from manufacturers before distributing them to retailers. It's their duty to care for the commodities during transit and storage to ensure that they do not develop defects. If they don't, victims can sue them for their negligence. However, it is not easy to link the wholesaler to a defect in a product. Luckily, a product liability attorney has tackled similar cases in the past, and therefore they know how to bring a negligence wholesaler to book. 

The Retailer That Sold You the Commodity 

Some retailers are also to blame for injuries sustained from a substandard commodity. The client can sue the retailer for selling a defective product regardless of knowing it could injure them. Besides that, you can sue them for failing to remove a harmful product from the shelves after the authorities declare it harmful. In this case, your lawyer will provide proof showing the retailer's failure to comply with this regulation. 

Getting justice in a lawsuit involving different parties can be challenging, and you might not accurately identify the one responsible for the defective product. For this reason, you should consult a personal injury law firm like Jeeves Law Group, P.A. to get to the bottom of the incident. After discovering the culpable party, your lawyer ensures that you get paid for your injuries.